UP Sunflower at sunset :”> #Diliman #Sunflower

UP Sunflower at sunset :”> #Diliman #Sunflower

diliman sunflower

Before and After


As of the moment I am incapable of using photoshop, because I dunno how. But I am great at paint! The paint application. :))

I honestly dunno how to remove those cable wires that decays the beauty of the view. I added “banderitas” instead. #SelfiESCOLTA is a happy event, and it deserves to have colorful banderitas. :) 

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Escolta is named after the “Escorts” that are escorting the public officials/politicians before. They happen to shout to call the escorts out. Escolta also have a lot of historical and architectural treasures. It was the center of trade before, and they are trying to revive it. #SelfiEscolta is an event organized to empower the people with knowledge and will to support rebuilding the glory days of Escolta. 


First United Building and Regina Building. 

Honestly I can’t use photoshop that’s why I can’t remove those black spaghetti like cable wires right there.

Independence Day? No not, but Escolta Day it is! :)


Statement Tees saying:




Because #SelfieEscolta is an awareness event that states that Escolta is one of our most treasured “Calle/Kalye” along with other historical sites in the Philippines. 


Old photographs for hipsters and photo-geeks. :)


Books turned into notebook covers :) Sadly I didn’t saw a “Little Prince” notebook cover, it’s my favorite book. If they have one I will surely grab it.


Fan photo with UKULELE PHILIPPINES. :) 


"Para Po!" hahahaha who would do that on a Tranvia? (Wait am I right?) :)))) LOL 

Love this picturesque banners all over the place. :) Seems legit.


Say hello to my Escolta buddies! Jessa and Daisy. Regina building is on the background. It’s selfie day!


Say hello also to our EYEBAGS! :))


Played along this frame like architectural detail. (Trivia: Did you know that Daniel Padilla’s AMA commercial was taken here, and the Kopiko commercial too! Know that Coffee commercial with smileys. *wink wink*)


…and of course that’s me taking my OOTD. :))

As a whole the event is lots of fun and educational at the same time. I grabbed a pint of chocolate chip ice cream while walking, I’m too busy with my ice cream and I can’t barely take pictures. By the way if you happen to drop by Calle Escolta, make sure to try their ice cream and Empanadas! and have a great time. :)

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Sheraton Laguna Guam : Guam travel Diary Day 6


One of the most fascinating hotels in Guam is Sheraton. It reminds of the “Banaue Rice Terraces” here in the Philippines, because of its ladder like character. I love the breeze in here, and their infinity pool looks like an extension of the ocean. I remember eating buffet here in day 1, and we got here again on day 6! :) If you will stay in Guam, you may try staying and dine here in Sheraton. Trust me, their food and accommodation is uber gooooood. :) 

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White Arrow Chapel (Sheraton Laguna Guam) 

"Even the breeze is part of memory, air embellishes the life ever after"

I was deeply fascinated by this chapel. I want to get married here soon, like all the happy couples I see. I don’t want to be that hopeless romantic who dreams of having my wedding here, but because of its beauty, I suddenly wanted to get married. HAHA :) 

White Arrow Chapel is simple, small, yet it embodies a feeling of happiness when you are here. I salute the architect who designed this. Plus the overlooking view to the ocean will make your heart swoon and say "Ah, this is love." 

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Hagatna Heritage Walking Trail: Guam Travel Diary Day 6


Guam has a lot of story to tell. Parks, monuments, and this trail are proofs that like the other places, it has its own history. The thing I love about these places in Guam is that they are located at the mountains, atop the island where you can see the whole Guam. Appreciating it like a bird on the clouds. 

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Guam Hagatna Heritage Trail Kiddos Me Travel Travel Diary

War In The Pacific Historical Park : Guam travel Diary Day 6


A peaceful place with no traces of war. If there were no infographics and stone sculptures, you can’t tell that it is Park dedicated to the war. I love the shed tho, it’s simple and serving its purpose well. 

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Guam Travel Travel Diary War In The Pacific Sculptures Park Shed